Leo Zodiac Sign Personality, Characteristics & Love Compatibility

All you need to know about Leos.

Leo (July 23 – August 22) is symbolically represented by the Lion. Hence they are the rulers. They are ruled by the Sun and are very active, enthusiastic and full of energy. People belonging to Leo Horoscope sign consider themselves as born rulers. Pride and authority means a lot to them and they are protective about their kingdom. This kingdom can be their home, family, work place or any other territory they consider as their own. They fiercely guard them and keep them protected from everyone and everything. Hence if you have a Leo as your friend or family member, be assured about your safety. They are extremely loyal and caring friends and partners. They are gentle, generous and always ready to give, to people whom they care for. Even thought they can be egotist and stubborn at times, this side of their personality are not for the people they consider close. Leo astrology is all about knowing these individuals more properly so that people would understand them better and know the reason behind their behavior and attitude. It is also useful to determine their future and their negative side, so that they can avoid or rectify them.

Leo horoscope sign is one of the strongest of all the astrology signs. These people are extremely courageous and brave. They do not fear change and are ever ready to venture into new territory and conquer them. They do not shy away from responsibilities and commitments, as long as their freedom remains intact. Freedom is one of their prized possessions and will never surrender it under any circumstance. They do not waste their time and assume they know everything, which might make them appear as arrogant. They are intelligent and creative and possess colorful imagination. They like living their life to the fullest and take good advantage of situations around them. They work hard, but they also party equally hard.

Leo astrology determines the personality and character traits of these individuals. They like to draw clear boundaries in their life and want everyone to stay within it. Excessive greed of power and position might make them bossy and dominant and thus in relationships they end up being the controller, restricting the freedom of their partner. They are not very good with criticism and thus it is advisable to be cautious while being critical about Leos. It’s difficult for them to hear that they are not perfect in everything. They also value, luxury, fame and the material comforts of life and work hard to achieve them. They are creative, organised and value quality and standard. They want the best of everything from life and they just do not sit idly waiting for it to come and find them. They work hard to achieve it.

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