Know about Aries Zodiac Sign, Personality and Lifestyle

Aries Horoscope

Aries Zodiac Sign belongs to those born between 21st March to 20th April. They are symbolically represented by The Ram and are the first sign of the zodiac. People born under this zodiac sign are fearless, impulsive, spontaneous and sometime self centered. They are as innocent as a newborn and have in them huge volumes of energy that are waiting to overflow. They are brave, but sometimes to the extent of being foolish and easily get carried away. Most of the time they act without thinking and regret later. They live their life on their own terms and conditions and do not compromise on their ideas, beliefs and values. When they set out to achieve something they become unstoppable and won’t rest until they have achieved their target. However it is also equally easy for them to lose interest and abandon things half way if they no more find it interesting. They start a work with great passion and enthusiasm but finds it hard to maintain the same tempo if they lose their interest. They will leave things midway and start searching for something more fun and exciting.

Aries horoscope gives us full information about the personality, traits, career, relationship and romance and other vitals details about the life of Aries individuals. They have a very loving and caring personality and they always stand for truth. Though at times they tend to be angry and aggressive, they cool down equally easily. Most of the time they are loving and caring individuals. Because they are emotional and passionate, they tend to react strongly to certain things, but they never mean to harm or hurt anyone. They have the quality of being a good leader provided they learn to focus and maintain their patience. With their charismatic, friendly and courageous attitude, they are loved and admired by all. Their inability to stick to one thing for a long time can cause them serious harm in their career. Their overflowing energy sometimes causes them to chew off more than they can bite, hence they tend to get in trouble. However they quickly come out of trouble, just as quickly as they get in.

Aries horoscope reading is a great way of knowing in-depth about these individuals so that we can understand them better. Some of their positive qualities are that they are adventurous, risk takers, courageous, versatile, lively, optimist and passionate and some of their negative qualities are arrogance, stubbornness, impulsive, indiscipline, confrontational and unfocused  In love and relationships they can be quite romantic and dedicated, provided their partners can keep them hooked. They can be very caring and dedicated lovers but sometimes tend to expect too much from their partners. However they are very nice human beings.

Some of the important facts related to Aries zodiac sign are – 
Symbol – the Ram
Ruling planet – Mars
Lucky color – red or scarlet
Lucky day – Tuesday
Lucky number – 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63 and 72
Lucky stone – diamond and ruby

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