Pisces Horoscope, Traits And Characteristics

Personality and traits of Pisces.
Anybody born between February 20th to March 20th will fall in the category of Pisces horoscope. About the Pisces horoscope. Pisceans are very compassionate people, who can easily adapt to new situations. They are accepting, devoted and imaginative. On the negative side they can also be oversensitive, indecisive, self – pitying, lazy and escapist. They are also very mysterious people who live in the world of imagination and fantasy. They dislike pain and suffering and do anything to escape it, most of the time by living in a world of dreams and imagination. They are very emotional people and can feel the extreme of any emotions. They are also very spiritual. They are
very good when it comes to dealing with people. They have the unique quality of being genuinely empathetic and can feel the pain of others. Not only they feel their pain but can go to any extent to help people come out of it. They prefer to avoid confrontations and they are always trying to escape them. 

However if need be they have enough courage to stand up for themselves and fight for their rights. It’s just that they prefer to do it in a good way than resorting to bad ways. They are hard working people who will put in a lot of effort to get what they want. If they are not interested in anything, then they will be too lazy to pursue it. Hence it is best not to make them do things they don’t like or don’t want to do. They are also very sensitive people and small things bother them a lot. They are not very independent people and will always need someone to guide and lead them. With the help of someone they can realize their potentials and can make optimum use of it. However it is very difficult for them to do it on their own. When it comes to friendship they are the most loyal, selfless friend one can have.

They will cross any limitations and barriers to fulfill their friendship. It is very difficult for them to say no to someone, even if that involves putting themselves in serious uncomfortable situations. They will be so much involved in solving others problems that they end up losing their own identity in the process. Hence as their good friend make them realize the limitations to which they can try to help others.

Their lack of self discipline and self confidence will not make them great leaders, but they are awesome team players. They are always ready to cooperate and compromise in a team. Their artistic and imaginative powers will help them become good writers, actors, poets and musicians. They can also be great philanthropist and social workers, or nurses, doctors etc. They prefer taking the easy path, rather than struggling their way to success. But since success does not come without struggle, most of them give success a miss. But they are still happy with whatever they have and never complain. Pisces astrology comes handy to know everything about these individuals.

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