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Characteristic and personality of Sagittarius.

People born between November 23rd and December 22nd belong to the category of Sagittarius horoscope sign. An individual's horoscope sign will have profound impact on his characteristic and personality. People belonging to Sagittarius astrology sign are independent, easy going, have a positive attitude to life, generous, frank, philanthropic and nature loving. But on the negative side they can also be overconfident, crude, inconsistent, and boastful and lack concentration.

Sagittarius have a very optimistic and positive attitude towards life which makes them lucky in many senses. They are magnetic to good fortune. Even during hard times they never give up the hope of a better tomorrow and keep hoping for the best. They love their freedom and do not like being restrained. They want to roam around and live their life freely without anybody’s interference and control. Hence it is best not to interfere in their life. Let them live their life they want to, because that is what makes them happy. They are curious and always eager to know about new things and new places. They love adventure and welcome change with open arms.

Their constant search for fun and excitement makes them readily accept change. Their past will never restrict them. They are the kind of people who will easily forget their past and move on in life, searching for new horizons that will keep the excitement alive. They are not very emotional and will not get bound by it. They seldom express their feelings and not very comfortable sharing them with others. However they are sensitive and can be easily hurt by simple actions. They can be irresponsible at times and easily jump into conclusions without carefully weighing its pros and cons. Sagittarius are very encouraging and kind hearted people who are always ready to help others. They are always ready to give but never expect anything in return. They are selfless in true sense. They are never possessive or jealous and respect people’s choice and decisions. They follow the policy of live and let live. They treat people they way they want to be treated by them.

Astrology 12 Zodiac Signs Sagittarius have a very good sense of humour and are pleasant people to be around with. You will never feel bored in their company. Sagittarius are direct and frank, whether it is with praise or criticism. They do not like beating around the bush and value truthfulness and honesty and expect the same from people in return. They are trustworthy and easy to believe in, because they speak truth most of the time. They may not be very organised and disciplined as they take life easily. They do not waste their time worrying about things that is out of their league. They possess great ideas and can be good entertainers.

Sagittarius horoscope can work well as writers, TV anchors, comedians, narrator, actors etc. They might appear cold and unconcerned from outside, not bound by emotions, but that’s what they are and that’s what they like to be. They may not be over expressive but they are not cold hearted. They do care for their loved ones.

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