A Gemini Zodiac Sign Personality According to Gemini Horoscope

Geminis astrology and Gemini Horoscope tell us a lot about the Gemini Individual. Geminis horoscope have a sharp mind and are good in conversations. They are social people and keep in touch with their close ones. They are passionate in love however their inconsistency may come in their way of a long term committed relationships.

The following are some of the highlights of Gemini Horoscope.

Symbol – The Twins.
Element – air.
Ruling Planet – Mercury. 
Auspicious day – Wednesday.
Auspicious colour – orange, lemon , yellow. 
Auspicious number – 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50. 
Auspicious Stone – Topaz, emerald and agate. 
Motto – ‘I think’

Positive Qualities - communicative, playful, enthusiastic, cheerful, versatile, brilliant, tactful.

Negative Qualities - has dual persona and lacks attention, nervousness, tense, inconsistent, superficial.

People belonging to Gemini Horoscope signs are friendly and have charming personality. They will have more than one personality, and each one will be struggling to come out and be dominant. At one point they can be fun loving and easy going people, and at other point they can be reserved and serious people. The two different personalities will always be going on and off, putting the individual belonging to Geminis astrology sign in great dilemma. This will confuse not only them but also their friends and people in their circle. They can be cool, calm and cooperative at one time and difficult to deal with at other time. They are intelligent people whose exploratory skills are always on the move.Read more