Complete Detail About Taurus Horoscope Personality, Character, Relationship, Love, Career

Taurus Horoscope Zodiac Sign belongs to those individuals who are born between 21st April and 21st May.It is the second sign of the 12 zodiac sign and has one of the strongest personalities of all the zodiacs. As individuals they are hard working, bold, confident, sincere and dedicated. They put in all the efforts to make things around them beautiful and lovely. They take their time to think before they commit to anything and have very down to earth attitude. Symbolically represented by the bull they can be very angry and ferocious, if pushed to their limits. They are strictly no nonsense kind of people. Practicality, stability and reliability are the strongest characters in them. They value security and certainty in life and strive very hard to pursue it. They work with one job at a time and give in all their energy and dedication to complete it with high degree of perfection. Some of their biggest strengths are stability, loyalty and strong determination. Deviation is very rare in their life and it is very difficult for them to lose focus once they associate themselves with something.

Taurus horoscope gives us complete detail about the personality, character, likes and dislikes, relationship and romance, career and other important details about Taurus individuals. When it comes to taking risks, they try to avoid it as much as possible. This is because they are very concerned about their security and hate parting with their possessions. They are also averse to change and want things to continue as they are. This may not be a bad quality however they can miss out on a lot of things that comes with risk. But they are happy with it and that is more important. They are very protective about their work, home, environment and their loved ones and are willing to go to any extent to protect them. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for them to budge from their stand as they can be very stubborn and rigid, but if handled with caution and patience, they can be very pleasing individuals. Pressure hardly takes its toll on them and they strive till the end.

Taurus horoscope reading comes in very handy when it comes to knowing these individuals in-depth. They have a strong aesthetic sense and they love beauty and art. Such a quality of theirs makes them excel in the fields of art and design. They love all the good things in life, a loving stable family, a secure job, a beautiful home and plenty of material comforts. In love and relationships they are very passionate lovers however they are also very possessive and controlling. They will ensure that their partners get everything they want, provided they surrender their freedom to them. They are also extremely loyal in relationships. 

Some of the important facts related to Taurus Zodiac Sign are – 
Symbol – the Bull
Ruling planet – Earth
Lucky color – Blue and blue-green
Lucky day – Friday and Monday 
Lucky number – 6, 15, 24, 33, 42 and 51

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